If You Don’t Receive Sensor Data After an International Windows Installation

Currently, there isn’t international support for iMonnit Express and earlier. If iMonnit Express is installed on a Windows PC with any international Language, Region, Keyboard, Character, or Date/Time configurations, ALTA Sensor data can’t be interpreted by iMonnit Express. You see this when you may have ALTA Gateway data coming into iMonnit Express without sensor data. This results from data parsing character misinterpretation due to the Language/Region settings in Windows.


iMonnit Express is incompatible with any international Region/Language/Date configurations. Requirements are listed below.

  • Windows 10
  • English U.S. installation
  • Region/Language configured for U.S. English
  • Keyboard set to English
  • Administrative language set to U.S. English
  • Date/Time settings set to MM/DD/YYYY
  • Keyboard configuration set to U.S. English
  • Other default U.S. English configurations

Test With iMonnit Online

If you point your gateway to iMonnit Online, add all of your devices, power them up, and see data from your sensors, you know your hardware is operational. In this case, you may want to review your Windows configuration.

Check Windows Language/Region/Date Configurations

If you point your gateway to iMonnit Express and see gateway communication but no sensor communication, this may result from your Windows Region/Language/Date configurations. Consult your Windows support to determine if your Language/Region/Date configurations are set to anything but U.S. English. If the configuration is not U.S. English, follow the steps below.

  • Uninstall iMonnit Express
  • Change the Region/Language to U.S. English in all necessary locations (consult your Windows support team if you are unfamiliar with this process).
  • Change the Keyboard settings to U.S. English.
  • Change Date/Time configurations to MM/DD/YYYY (default English U.S. configurations).
  • Restart the PC.
  • Confirm configurations were applied.
  • Reinstall iMonnit Express.
  • Add your devices.
  • Point your gateway to iMonnit Express.
  • Power on your gateway.
  • Power on your sensors.

If you see data, the Language configuration has been successfully updated. Sometimes, the changes may not be applied, and you will not see sensor data. If so, you may need to completely reinstall Windows with the U.S.-English configuration to resolve the issue. After doing so, install iMonnit Express, add your devices, point your gateway, and the sensor data will be successfully parsed.

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