Testing the BACnet Plugin

The current version of iMonnit Express offers an operating BACnet plugin that will allow the data in the iMonnit Express software to be broadcast on a BACnet network. The steps below will allow you to enable the BACnet plugin.

While you may observe the BACnet plugin present in previous versions of Express, the most recent version,, is required for the plugin to operate.

Testing the BACnet plugin

A free BACnet Explorer application can be used to test your BACnet configuration. Monnit does not develop or support this program. Any inquiries regarding this application will be referred to the developer for paid support. It can be used for the purpose of testing your BACnet plugin in Express. To perform this test, you will need to download and install the Cimetrics BACnet Explorer. Steps for testing using this application are included below.

The steps listed below assume that you have addressed networking configurations that might prevent BACnet communications (example: default BACnet port of 47808 is open and not already in use). To address network configuration issues, please refer to your local network support.

  • Download, install, and run the Cimetrics BACnet Explorer.

    Be sure to select “Free Explorer, ads, no support” in the “Product Type” dropdown menu.

    Cimetrics - Main Pane
    Cimetrics - Main Pane
  • Double-click the BACnet network in the Device Tree explorer.
  • Enter desired configurations in the pane presented; for the purposes of testing, use default configurations.

    Cimetrics - Default Settings
    Cimetrics - Default Settings
  • Expand the BACnet network in the Device Tree explorer.
  • Double-click/expand the Local Network in the Device Tree explorer.
  • Double-click/expand the node ID (default is 1200, but is configurable in the BACnet plugin settings in Express).
  • Select the “Express” object (or other Device Name as configured in the BACnet plugin settings in Express).
  • Observe the data in the main viewing area.

    Cimetrics - Express Device
    Cimetrics - Express Device
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