How to Fully Remove Express v4

In order to completely remove the iMonnit Express software and associated files, follow the steps below.

1. Delete the iMonnit Express Service.
  • Open the Services.msc program in Winows

  • Stop the “iMonnit Express” service

    iMonnit Express Service
    iMonnit Express Service
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator (search “cmd” in Windows Search, right click and select “Run as administrator”, and execute the following command:

    sc delete “iMonnit Express”

    For earlier versions, you may need to use: sc delete “iMonnit Express Core”

  • Restart the PC.
2. Uninstall iMonnit Express Application
  • Open “Add or remove programs”

    Add or Remove Programs

  • Uninstall “iMonnit Express”

    Remove iMonnit Express
    Remove iMonnit Express
  • Confirm the “iMonnit Express” Folder has been properly removed from the following directory:

    C:Program Files (x86)

    If it has not, delete it.

3. Delete Database
  • Delete or rename the “ExpressCore.db” file found in the following default directory:


Note: The path above is the default database location. The installation path can be overwritten by editing the following file: C:Program Files (x86)\iMonnit Express\Express_Core.dll.config

iMonnit Express Config

iMonnit Express and associated files should now be completely removed from the computer.

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