Ethernet Gateway 3—Accessing the Local HTTP Configuration Page

For situations where you need to bypass when setting up an ALTA Ethernet Gateway 3 (EGW3), you can use its local configuration mode to access the configuration page and edit settings such as server IP or device IP (among others).

This article is for the Ethernet Gateway 3 configuration page. See the corresponding article for Ethernet Gateway 4 for assistance with the Ethernet Gateway 4 Configuration Page.

Access the Local Configuration Page

If the EGW3 has been assigned a static IP address, it must be connected to the Local Area Network for that IP. This connection can be reset to the factory default by holding the reset button for >4 seconds.

  • Plug an Ethernet cable into the EGW3 and plug it into a PC with no active Internet connection.
  • Before plugging in the power cable to the EGW3, press and hold its reset button on the back.
    • While still holding the button, power on the EGW3 via the barrel plug.
    • When the device boots and all three LEDs are flashing red/green, release the button, and the device is now in local configuration mode.
    • Do not hold longer than four seconds after the boot process, as this will factory reset the device.
  • The lights will flash green once every other second while resolving the Ethernet link. Then, the lights will flash green every second to resolve IP addresses with the host PC. Finally, the lights will flash green twice every second to indicate it is waiting for traffic.
  • Once this setup step is finished, go to in a web browser.
    • If the device has operated with a static IP and has not been factory reset, that IP can be used to access the page if the EGW3 is on the Local Area Network that IP is assigned.
  • The configuration page should now be visible in the browser.

  • Within the configuration page, you can make any changes as needed, then click Save Changes.
  • Once saved, the device needs to reboot. You can do this on the configuration page by clicking the Reboot button.

Using these steps, you can configure the Ethernet Gateway 3 to the specifications of your network.

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