Return Sensors or Gateways to Monnit for Repair

Send Sensors or Gateways to Monnit for Repair

Monnit offers repair services for products that do not function as intended. For products under the Monnit 1 year warranty, Monnit will cover a repair or replacement (with same or like and/or reconditioned or new product) if damage or misuse is not detected.

Monnit also offers a paid repair service in which non-functioning products are returned to Monnit, diagnosed, and repaired for a fee. To initiate a repair, you can contact Monnit Support by emailing

To view the terms, you can visit Monnit’s Warranty Terms.

RMA Form

A printed RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form provided by Monnit is required to be present in the shipment when received by Monnit. This form is generated after contacting, and a PDF is sent via email. The customer must print the form and include it with the shipment.

Return Address: The return address on the form is assumed to be correct as retrieved from the address from Monnit’s customer records. If this address is incorrect on the form, the customer must reply to the email advising of the corrected address.

A new form will be generated and resent. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the return address is correct on the form. Otherwise, the return shipment may be delayed or delivered to the incorrect address.

Warranty Repair

If a device experiences an issue that falls under warranty within 1 year of the ship date of the products, and it has not experienced any damage or misuse, the device will be repaired under warranty covered by Monnit.

  • If a warrantied issue is present after a period of 30 days of receiving the product, Monnit will perform a warranty repair and return the repaired product.
  • If the product cannot be repaired under warranty, it may be replaced with a reconditioned or new product at Monnit’s discretion.
  • Monnit may credit or refund the original purchase price if the device cannot be repaired or replaced.

Warranty Replacement

If an issue occurs immediately upon receiving a device, it is considered "failure out of box", and may be eligible for replacement. If Monnit Support is petitioned regarding an issue within 30 days of shipment of the product, a replacement RMA can be arranged by contacting

The standard procedure is to receive the non-functioning product, diagnose it at Monnit's facility, and if a replacement is determined to be the necessary course of action, the replacement order is placed at that time.

90-Day Warranty on Repairs

Once a device is repaired, Monnit offers a 90-day warranty on the repair. Therefore, if the same issue persists on the same product within 90 days of the repaired product ship date, an additional warranty repair will be offered. In the case of multiple repeat repairs, an additional repair will be attempted before a replacement is offered; if that repair is unsuccessful, a replacement product may be offered.


Shipping of products to Monnit for repair or replacement is covered by the customer. Exceptions for this may be made if the issue is considered "failure out of box" and Monnit is petitioned for a repair/replacement within 30 days of shipment of the products. When shipping products to Monnit for repair, it is best to use a courier that provides a tracking number.

In the event that Monnit covers shipping to Monnit, a prepaid shipping label will be emailed to the email provided for the RMA. FedEx generally supplies this, though other couriers may be used.

Please ship the device back with the original packaging.

Ship-to Address

The ship-to address for repairs of Monnit devices is listed below:


3400 S. West Temple

South Salt Lake, UT 84115


Diagnosis and repair are expected to be completed within 10 business days of receiving the device. While there are rare exceptions to this timeline, a completed repair is expected in 10 business days. This timeline can vary depending on business needs.

Exceptions - There are exceptions to this timeline, as listed below.

  • Replacement - If a technician requests a replacement device, the order to build the device is generally initiated when the non-functioning device is received and diagnosed. As a result of build time, it may be longer than 10 business days prior to receiving the replacement device. However, the replacement device order should be created before the 10-business-day threshold.
  • Engineering Review - If the issue needs to be reviewed by engineering, this can lead to a delay. This review generally only occurs when an underlying issue might affect the product build
  • Parts Availability - If your device repair requires parts currently out of stock from a supplier, there may be a delay in receiving the repaired/replaced device.

Returning Accessories

Unless the issue is explicitly related to an accessory (such as antennas or power supplies), Monnit recommends keeping any accessories shipped with your device. Accessories should be included if the device is being returned for a credit.

Opening Industrial Sensors

While opening an Industrial sensor enclosure does not explicitly void the warranty, issues can be caused if the sensor is opened and not properly sealed. This can cause complications in the warranty process. Monnit will (on occasion) advise to open an Industrial sensor or provide a replacement industrial 3.6 V battery. However, Monnit generally recommends against opening Industrial sensors.

NIST-Certified Sensors

There will be time considerations if you purchased a NIST-Certified sensor from Monnit that experiences a hardware issue. As an external facility conducts the certification of Monnit Sensors, these sensors are generally tied to the calibration certificate that was purchased, so the sensors will need to be repaired rather than replaced.

Therefore, if you have a NIST-Certified sensor with a physical malfunction, Monnit will arrange to have the devices sent to Monnit for repair. If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

In the event that a NIST sensor must be replaced, there will likely be a delay experienced while waiting for the sensor to be delivered. This is because the process of certifying a NIST sensor generally takes between 6-8 weeks. Resultingly, a replacement sensor may be delivered in 6-18 weeks once Monnit receives the nonoperational sensor.

Sensor Calibration

Any sensor that is sent to Monnit for repair will likely have the calibration reset to the default calibrations. In some scenarios, this can yield unexpected readings. A user may need to recalibrate the sensor once it is received after repair.

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